The Spirit Guided Life Podcast

Why You're Seeing 11:11

July 28, 2020 Alex Levy Season 1 Episode 43
The Spirit Guided Life Podcast
Why You're Seeing 11:11
Show Notes

Tune into the vibrational energy of the angelic number 11:11 as it is incredibly magnetic and strong energy. Today we're exploring reasons why you see this number repeated, what the synchronicity really means, and ways to tap into this frequency. I will also lead a mediation healing process to align your energies to the magical frequency of 11:11, so if you're ready to begin manifesting, or want to tap into divine support then this episode is for you. 

Things We Will Discuss:

  • The reason so many people see this number
  • The numerological definition of  1, 11, and 11:11
  • The deeper spiritual meaning of the frequency of 11:11
  • What this number is calling you to do
  • And a healing meditation process to align with the 11:11 frequency

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