The Spirit Guided Life Podcast

Understanding The Soul's Purpose

November 17, 2020 Alex Levy Season 1 Episode 58
The Spirit Guided Life Podcast
Understanding The Soul's Purpose
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Everyone has a purpose, and everyone has access to it. In today's episode, we will explore what a soul purpose is and the many different ways to find your purpose.  I'll also share why we need to stop looking for your purpose in external things, and where to start on your journey to awakening your soul purpose.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the spirit guided life podcast. Get ready to explore limitless ways of creating a dialogue with your spirit, including awesome guests, Lightworker tips and intuitive inspirations. So say yes to tuning into your heart. Be willing to trust the invisible and standby to be spirit guided with your host, Alex Levy. Hi friends. Welcome back,

Speaker 2:

Sue . Another episode here. I'm so happy to have you here

Speaker 1:

Today. We are talking about soul purpose and diving deep into

Speaker 2:

That really is and how that really actually applies to every single person listening. So if this resonates for you, I encourage you to come on this journey with me about this conversation. So I'm going to be completely honest and let you know that when I first started getting into this intuitive line of work many years ago, I was super annoyed with all the other spiritual teachers, all of the books and the pressure that I found was out there trying to get people to quote unquote, kind of understand their purpose. I was just like, stop enough with the purpose stuff. Like it was just overwhelming and it was kind of like almost nauseatingly to an extent. Uh, and then when I would end up doing readings with clients and this question would come up, you know, sometimes I would just purposely try and redirect the conversation away from purpose. But what I really found out was it wasn't so much the concept of purpose. It was, there was something within me that was not ready to accept it. And that's kind of why I was having this almost like allergic reaction to life purpose stuff. It's if I was afraid to actually go there. So something shifted. So I want to share with you what shifted in me from really kind of avoiding and even not even believing an altogether, ignoring the concepts of sole purpose to now where I am to embracing it. And I'm actually teaching and coaching people with it, which is something I never would have thought. So getting to know your soul's purpose, it begins with curiosity. It begins with you becoming curious and having, just having a willingness to look deeper outside of the box. And it also requires imagination and even a little bit of being uncomfortable in getting to know who you really are. So let's clarify what is the soul's purpose? So really the more inner work we do, the more personal growth, the more coaching, the more healing work, the more personal mastery, it all works together to make it so much simpler, to really see and realize our path and purpose. Now, every single one, everyone has a purpose. You wouldn't be living in this incarnation in this lifetime without it, and everyone has access to it. So we have to first stop looking for our purpose and external things. And the first thing we have to realize is that our purpose first and foremost is to know that we are loved. We are valuable. We are of the light and then express that love through you through the work you do through the mission of your soul. So there are so many different ways to find your purpose. You being here in this earth school right now, however you choose to express yourself is so worthwhile. And often I find our purpose, especially when I'm connecting with clients. Our purpose is actually a lot more down to earth than we think. We think it has to be this grandiose, you know, thing like, you know, and it doesn't always have to be that way. It's really waiting to be on earth and waiting for you to utilize it and living a life that is really congruent with your purpose. It's just going to allow you to not only to start each day with a smile and a plan, but it's really a tool it's as kind of blueprint the soul's blueprint for connecting with way more meaningful things outside of yourself, everyone will have a little bit of a different why. And the trick is to determine the why that fits your values, that fits your talents. So if your life is in a rut and discovering your sole purpose really is the first step to a life filled with passion with contentment. I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt and she said, the purpose of life is to live it, to taste, experience the utmost, to reach out equally and without fear for newer and richer experiences. Now, maybe you have this belief that work is called, you know, quote, quote, unquote, work for a reason, right? A lot of us had this belief that life has , has to be hard or boring, and that enjoyment, you know , can only be reserved for those who, you know, our children are , you know, you have to wait till you're retired to really enjoy things, but all stages of life can be meaningful and exciting. And really knowing that you're living the life that's right for you, is the key to kind of finding that enjoyment, that kind of spirit guided essence in each day. So what I didn't know before, when I had this resistance to diving into really in an embracing purpose is I didn't really know that there were so many advantages of knowing your purpose and they really are kind of far reaching. And one of them is, well, you'll definitely enjoy more focus. You'll have more clarity. And when you're not kind of spending your time and efforts on the things that matter to you, your focus is elsewhere, right? So when you're not clear on your purpose, it's hard to make effective decisions. So lacking direction, lacking focus and purpose is really no way to go through life. And I was doing that even though I thought I wasn't. So knowing your purpose makes life simpler. So a things are just going to be more fun when you know your purpose and you live it each day. And of course, it's not to say, you're not going to have a horrible day. Of course everything, you know, we're human, right. But with, with your fears and with those doubts, kind of in that rear view mirror, you're in a better position to just enjoy yourself more. Another really advantage is it enhances your passion for life. It gives you this kind of zest. So spending your day on the things that are most important to you will release your passions and you'll feel that kind of enthusiasm bubble back like you did when , uh, when you were a child perhaps, and with a compelling kind of future, you know, it gives you momentum. It gives you motivation and eventually you can be on stop ball . And this is missing from a life without a clear purpose. You also become part of something bigger than yourself. And a lot of Lightworkers are already feeling like this. Like they have a mission that's bigger and they know it's up to be of service. And that's part of it is in you'll know, you have a sense of certainty. That's both comforting and peaceful, and it's really a chance to have the opportunity to make a big and meaningful contribution, however that manifests for you in your world. So I want to share with you three really simple mindset shifts that I had to overcome to kind of see a new perspective on the concept of purpose. And the first one is this paradigm, that purpose equals a job and we are so, so used to believing in this kind of old school paradigm that our job equals our purpose. And if we don't have the job we love, then we aren't living our life purpose. And this is not true. Now it can absolutely make a difference when you have a job you love, but in the bigger picture, your job doesn't have to be at your purpose. And it doesn't have to define it. You know, I consider myself a multi-passionate person and I specifically know this to be true. Sometimes the most meaningless or insignificant jobs actually play a deep, deep role in helping you get towards your soul purpose, life lessons and the sole purpose. Don't have to be excited breast through a career. So yeah , if you've been thinking that all along, let that go be willing to let that belief go because it doesn't have to be true. That's the old way of looking at things and it's not serving people. Now, the next thing is we have to stop thinking of our purpose as this to do list. A lot of people, you know , get overwhelmed like I did initially, right? And we think of this as like a checkoff , less like, oops, I gotta check out this. I gotta do this before I can get there. You know, I gotta do things in a chronological order. It's not like that. So a huge reason for souls coming here and experiencing this lifetime here on earth and their incarnations is for the learning opportunities that were offered here. We have opportunities here that aren't available in other solar systems and other planets , uh , other soul groups of origin. So our life lessons and our purpose are not as a do list . We don't have to necessarily try to learn them and explore them. We will naturally , uh , attract and subconsciously choose to experience things in a way which will help us to learn them. So we do learn them and it does help us , uh, connect with our heart's desire. But it's not this God, I got to check this off. God, do this, got , do that. Okay. That's a linear way of thinking. And spirit is really, the energy of spirit is an intelligence. It's this intelligent life force energy. And you can't, you can't bottle it down to being this linear logical thing. And the last thing I want you to think about and be willing to change your , your mindset on is that there is only one path. There's only one mission, because an essence, we are multi-dimensional beings having this spiritual experience in this physical vessel of a body, we carry into each lifetime, the energy threads from our soul groups of origin, our energy centers of training, our divine gifts, our life lessons, our spiritual gifts, all of these are like little threads coming together to make this kind of quilt of our soul's purpose. Now, some people may have one theme and manifest that through every single thing they do. But what I find is that's not really the case. Always. It's not that black and white, when I'm doing Akashic record reading. And I go into the records for my clients. I find that most people have one primary life lesson, which is underneath their soul's purpose. That is dominant a dominant life lesson. And they also have several secondary life lessons. So when may complete one primary life lesson, you know, the secondary one replaces it as a primary and so forth. So there is this kind of fluidity in how our purpose works and how things do shift and they do evolved . Uh, I mean, imagine just thinking I have one way of doing things forever. I mean, that's, that's, that's overwhelming people. We , we allow ourselves to think that, right. We're conditioned from a kid to say, Oh, you gotta know your job. You gotta do. You gotta get ready for college. You know, you know, you planning things early in making people, especially young children, this pressure, which I just wish , uh, with change. So just know there is only, there's not only one path. There is not only one measure it's because we are multi-dimensional. So how can you tap into this? Well, really it's impossible to find your soul's purpose without a degree of self-reflection. Now the good news is you already have that because you're here listening to this episode, if you've gotten this far. So answers really are the result of asking questions and asking the right questions will provide the answers that you seek. So when you ask yourself questions, it's really important that you listen to the answers. All right, this is where your intuition comes into play. The response you receive can be super subtle and quiet. So keep an open mind. So I just want to share with you some little tips to help you discover your soul's purpose. The first one it's so simple, it's right about how you feel. And you've probably heard people say this, but have you actually sat down to do it journaling with a pen paper, or even grabbing your laptop and just start writing when you write how you truly feel and what you want out of your life. That's a great place to start and remember that no one is going to read this other than you, unless you want to share it. So don't be afraid to just express yourself, brain dump, let it out. It's almost like a little bit of an automatic writing in a way, and then go back and reread your entries. You know, every so often, you know, not on a daily basis, but every now and then, and when you do this and you're taking this time, you can really process things and it's going to help you bring new realizations that you probably didn't think of. Uh , when you were writing things down in the first place, another thing to help you tune into your purposes, pursue your passions. So if you're passionate about a certain subject cause , or maybe you can make , uh , a career or a hobby out of it so that you can really engage in activities that are personally meaningful, you I'm a bigger level and consider your talents. Think about all of the areas in your life, which you naturally Excel at all of your strengths. And see if you can finesse and kind of turn these skills into something more meaningful for you. You know , many people are drawn to a purpose that makes them feel like they're making a true difference in the lives of other people. And you might find it fulfilling to be using, you know , something you're good at to help others that are in need. You know, so for example, if you find that you're good at comforting people, perhaps you could consider a career and as a coach or a counselor or a healer. So what brings you joy? Really? Uh , Marie Kondo says, what , what sparks joy? And you know , I love it. It's true. Reno reflect on the moments in your life when you're the most happy , what are you doing at that time? You can start the quest for your life purpose and your soul purpose by using what already makes you happy. Maybe you're most happy when you're just kind of sitting at home with your family and guess what? That is a wonderful gift. Remember that you're not necessarily searching for something and Cazada , it's not really outside us after all your , your purpose may be right there under your nose right now. So I hope this cleared things up, trust the process. If you feel stuck or unsure, you can journal, you can go into meditation. You know , you can even ask your friends and family members, all your best qualities and strengths are. You can also schedule or set up an Akashic soul profile reading with me or another reader that will really help to give you laser kind of detail and clarity into your soul's blueprint. So feeling your spirit with genuine joy is a must. If you love yourself, give yourself time to do only what you love to do and know that I'm here for you. I'm happy to support you and jot me a comment or send me a message and let me know your thoughts. And until next time my friends stay spirit guided .

Speaker 1:

We found some wisdom and insight in this episode, if you enjoyed it, please swipe up, leave four stars and a review as it really does make a difference for the show. And if you want to connect with me, head on over to Alex Levy , or Alex leaving underscore intuitive on Instagram, take care.